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Welcome to a new beginning and a better you! At EnerGym Palm Desert we foster a fitness environment of community, family and wellness. Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced athlete, EnerGym Palm Desert is the right place for you. We are a diverse family with a culture focused on fun and hard work. Members know each other by name and we encourage you to call this YOUR gym.  EnerGym Palm Desert will help you reach your goals and get you into the best shape of your life. Get fit with us!


Getting fit today, prepares for tomorrow!

EnerGym Palm Desert is a REAL FITNESS experience. We believe that fitness is not a hobby but a way of life. We founded our gym to be your home away from home. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym, EnerGym Palm Desert can help shape a new you, a better you and a healthier you. We are your partner, friend and family in your fitness journey. Call us today!


What We Stand For

We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest. We have a different outlook at EnerGym. Our holistic approach to fitness training sets us apart from other exercise facilities. We look at the big picture and combine the best aspects of a fitness to embody this approach and redefine what a gym can be. Visit us and you will see for yourself.


Exciting, electrifying and engaging fun – that’s what our group fitness classes are known for. It’s where you build friendships and new families with people who have similar goals, passion and enthusiasm. Our personal trainers bring years of experience and are motivated to get you in the best shape! Get moving and sign up for a class or training session today!


Join us for a circuit style class that kick starts your new way of life. We introduce techniques and fitness options to build a stronger healthier you. This circuit style training includes an array of of exercises and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. Treat yourself today — you deserve it!


If a more personal intimate type of fitness plan is what you need, contact us to ensure we can pair you with a trainer that will suit your needs.


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Free Three Day Pass

unlimited membership

This is our most popular membership category, providing flexibility for people on the go. It comes with no pesky extra fees, so you can get started exercising without any worries. You live a busy life, so your membership should reflect your lifestyle. Call us at EnerGym Palm Desert to learn more about prices.

$149 | No Contract

Semi-Private Membership

Our Semi-Private Membership option gives members personalized programs to reach specific goals along with unlimited access to all classes. We will asses you from beginning to end and take you on a fitness journey with real results. This option is best for those members wanting a more intimate program.

$249 | No Contract with Unlimited Classes